United By Cycling: Streamlining the shopping experience in the sea of choices


United By Cycling, a leading cycling gear provider, was seeking a solution to enhance customer engagement, guide customers to new product collections, and manage a high volume of customer queries without solely relying on human support. This is the next frontier of customer engagement as per Mckinsey.


  • Proactive Customer Engagement: Leveraging Behavioral AI, the system monitors shopper behavior, identifies moments of low engagement, and initiates conversations at the optimal time, emulating the attentiveness of an in-store salesperson.
  • Conversational Product Discovery: The AI facilitated conversational product discovery, helping shoppers easily navigate through the product catalog.
  • Efficient Support: GenAI, powered by ChatGPT, handled the majority of customer conversations. It stays up-to-date with the product catalog and manages support questions effectively, reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Intuitive Analytics Console: The team could easily monitor ROI, real time chats and share insights with leadership, validating the investment in IntelliAssist.


  • Enhanced Product Discovery: The AI has been instrumental in introducing customers to new and specific cycling gear, leading to a significant increase in product discovery.
  • Remarkable Conversion Rates: United By Cycling boasts a staggering +56% AI-assisted conversion rate, equating to a 250% conversion increase with shoppers who interact with IntelliAssist versus those who don’t.

AI-Assisted Support: IntelliAssist handled over 92% of all customer queries satisfactorily, allowing human staff to focus on more complex problems.