Convert Instagram engagement to actual sales

Respond to product queries, sell products directly from Instagram

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  • Answer any questions about your products on Instagram instantly. Whether your customers want to know more about the features, benefits, or prices of your products, you can provide them with accurate and helpful information in seconds.
  • Handle product usability queries based on different scenarios and product features such as size, weight, etc on Instagram only. You can also send them photos, videos, or links to demonstrate how your products work or fit in different situations.
  • Boost engagement and build trust by instant responses. By responding to your customers' comments and DMs quickly, you can show them that you care about their needs and feedback. You can also guide them to your store and make it easy for them to buy the product with a simple click.
  • Manage return, refund, and order status requests automatically from
    Instagram itself. You can set up automated messages to handle common requests such as return policy, refund process, or order tracking. You can also customize the messages to suit your brand voice and tone.
  • Learn from new data and scenarios to cover more use cases. IntelliAssist uses artificial intelligence to analyze your customers' behaviour and preferences. It can also learn from new data and scenarios to improve its performance and accuracy over time.
  • Your team can monitor responses from centralized dashboard. You can access a dashboard that shows you key metrics and insights such as response time, customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and more. You can also assign chats to different agents, monitor their activity, and provide feedback.
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