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Answer any questions about your products on your website and social media platforms in real time. Use natural language processing and machine learning to understand your customers’ intents and provide accurate and helpful answers.

Handle product usability queries based on different scenarios and product features such as size, weight, etc. Show your customers how your products can solve their problems or meet their needs in various situations. You can also send them photos, videos, or links to demonstrate how your products work or fit in different scenarios.

Support multiple and mixed languages for global customers. Reach and engage your customers in their preferred language and region.

Manage return, refund, and order status requests automatically. Save time and resources by automating the most common and repetitive requests from your customers.

Learn from new data and scenarios to cover more use cases. Improve your customer service and satisfaction by learning from your customers’ feedback and behavior.

Switch to human support when the confidence score is low and notify the staff. Provide your customers with the best possible service by switching to human support when the AI cannot handle the request or the customer prefers to talk to a real person.

Collect and store customer contact information in the middle of the conversation. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture your customers’ contact information and add them to your CRM. You can collect and store their name, email, phone number, or any other information you need in the middle of the conversation.

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