How Rolling Filters uses Intelliassist to delicate on demand answers to customers


Rolling Filter sells premium smoking filters that cost $100 each. Many smokers wanted to buy them, but they had doubts and questions about the products. They wanted to know how the filters worked, what benefits they had, and how to use them.

Rolling Filter’s support team was overwhelmed by the number of inquiries and could not answer them all quickly. This made the potential customers lose interest and leave the site without buying. Moreover, some customers felt shy or awkward to talk to a live agent about smoking. Rolling Filter needed a way to provide fast and discreet answers to their customers.


Rolling Filter teamed up with IntelliAssist, a chatbot that can handle both pre- and post-purchase questions. IntelliAssist helped the customers learn more about the products and the brand by directing them to relevant blog posts and research. It also offered them options to read about safe smoking, customer care, reviews, and a quiz to find the best product for them.

These options gave the customers more confidence and trust in the brand and the products. If the customers needed more help, IntelliAssist could transfer them to a real agent for personal assistance. IntelliAssist also detected when customers were about to leave the site and offered them a chance to say if they were beginners or needed more education. This way, IntelliAssist could guide them through their smoking journey and keep them on the site until they were ready to buy.


IntelliAssist improved the customer experience and the sales performance of Rolling Filter. The conversion rate increased by 10%. The customers were happier and more satisfied with the service.

IntelliAssist also reduced the workload of the support team and helped them focus on the customers who really needed their attention. The founder of Rolling Filter said, “It’s actually helped us get down to what it really is that each individual person needs. So there has been a definite drop in customer support tickets.” IntelliAssist not only boosted the sales of Rolling Filter, but also educated the customers about safe smoking. This aligned with Rolling Filter’s mission to make smoking safer.