How Nomaadi handled large no of customer queries across the globe using Intelliassist


Nomaadi is a company that sells high-quality leather bags online. However, many customers were hesitant to buy their products without seeing and touching them in person. Nomaadi wanted to give their customers a personal and satisfying shopping experience, but they also needed to scale their business and reach customers around the world.

Nomaadi had tried using a live chat solution for customer service, but it was not enough. The solution was limited by the availability and capacity of the human agents. Nomaadi needed a solution that could offer personalized and consistent service 24x7, and handle a large volume of customers.


Nomaadi partnered with IntelliAssist, a chatbot that can handle both pre- and post-purchase questions. IntelliAssist helped Nomaadi in three main ways:

  • It offered a 24x7 chat solution, allowing customers to interact with the brand anytime and anywhere.
  • It increased customer engagement by initiating conversations with customers who were about to leave the site, and offering them incentives and assistance.
  • It acted as a smart customer assistant, helping customers find and match the right product for their needs and preferences, based on their inputs and behavior. IntelliAssist’s onboarding and setup process was customized and comprehensive, designed to meet Nomaadi’s specific business goals and challenges. The team was attentive, connected, and responsive to Nomaadi’s feedback and requests.


Nomaadi achieved its founder’s vision of a company driven by excellent customer service, thanks to IntelliAssist. IntelliAssist works around the clock to provide customers with personalized and relevant product recommendations, easing their doubts and fears about buying online.

As a result, Nomaadi’s human customer support agents were freed from answering basic and repetitive questions, and could focus on improving the experience for existing customers. The personalized recommendations also increased customer trust and loyalty, and boosted Nomaadi’s conversion rates by 15% and average order value (AOV) by 10%.