Build a Customer Experience better than Amazon

Use technology to improve your Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, and Revenue Per Visitor

Our Technology

Empower your e-commerce business with technologies used by the top marketplaces in the world

Improve RPV

Use personalization and deep analytics to improve Revenue Per Visitor

Better Conversion Rate

Convert visitors to customers by building trust with instant and smart responses

Lower CAC

Use data derive from engagement history to target customers in ad platforms

Product Features

Customer Delight

90% of Queries on FB/Insta/Whatsapp/Website are resolved instantly. The rest of them are escalated to your team for fast response.


Our bot integrates with your Shopify / WooCommerce / Wix store to provide product and shipping information to customers.

Empathic Intelligence

Keep in touch with customers without annoying them. Make the communication more personal and thoughtful using our algorithms.

Cart Recovery

Automatic cart recovery on Whatsapp. Our cart recovery not only reminds the customers but also handles their queries.

Available 24x7

Even while you and your employees are not online. There is somebody to talk with the customers always.

Improve Rating

Build relationships and ask for Feedback. If they are happy, ask for a one-click rating. Resolve issues on time.

Who We Are

We are on a mission to empower small businesses to compete with large marketplaces

For years, customer experience has been the most crucial success factor for online marketplaces. We all know how brands like Zappos pioneered it, and being 'earth's most customer-centric company' is a mantra of Amazon.

In the last couple of years, people have started buying directly from brands (D2C). It makes perfect sense since it saves the platform cost charged by the marketplaces, which is passed on to customers as a discount.

Successful marketplaces have spent a lot of resources to build technologies to provide personalization, customer support, and low customer acquisition cost. When the customers visit a D2C site, they expect a similar level of customer experience as marketplaces.

We are on a mission to empower small businesses with technologies to compete with marketplaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Initiating a WhatsApp message is a 3 step process on the web and we have seen a 40%-80% drop in people clicking on a button and sending a message.

Our chat bubble helps you in collecting customer information before sending them to the Whatsapp link so that you can contact them in case they drop off. You can also offer coupon codes in the chatbot, which helps in improving more people putting their information.

We don't restrict on no of agents. You can add any numbers.

The chatbot integrates with your Facebook page, whatsapp business account, Instagram and on your website using a chat bubble. It will pick-up information from your store and resolve customer queries.

Shopping assistant is a premium feature that helps your customer in buying by understanding what they are looking for and recommends product. If the customer prefers, it continues to send them recommended products on WhatsApp/email.

Yes, please sign-up for a free account. Our onboarding team will give you access to a free 1-month trial. You can also mail us -

We have a web dashboard where you can monitor the chats of all your team in real-time. You can also respond to chats from the dashboard.

The web dashboard also shows your Facebook, instagram messages and email queries.

Sales CRM is your centralise repository of customers where you can segment them in multiple channels (based on product they bought / location / purchase status etc.) and retarget. You can send them automated communication.

The sales CRM also syncs customer data to your phonebook so that you can call / Send Whatsapp instantly.

We provide deep analytics to help you in monitoring bot and agent performance.