Convert more Visitors to Customers

Improve add-to-cart by using AI, Personalisation and Better Customer Experience

Our Technology

Empower your e-commerce business with technologies used by the top marketplaces in the world

Improve AOV

Personalised Recommendations, Offers and Bundling

Better ROAS

Instant responses leads to more add-to-cart

Lower CPA

Re-engage visitors by better communication

Product Features

Customer Delight

90% of Queries on FB/Insta/Whatsapp/Website are resolved instantly. The rest of them are escalated to human agents for quick response.


Deep integration with e commerce platform for better recommendation, personalisation and automated response.

Empathic Intelligence

Engage customers without annoying them. Make the communication more personal and thoughtful using our algorithms.

More add-to-cart

Plug and play tactics like cart recovery, exit pop-up, trust badges to improve add-to-cart .

Available 24x7

Even while you and your employees are not online. There is somebody to talk with the customers always.

Improve Reputation

Ask for easy feedback wherever customer is engaged. Use Customer’s social media profile to improve trust..

Who We Are

We are on a mission to make e-commerce more profitable

Due to the rising cost of raw materials, labor, and real estate, e-commerce seems like an excellent option for entrepreneurs.

But in reality, for most e-commerce businesses, the customer acquisition cost is high. The cost-per-click on ad networks is ever-increasing because heavily funded big players and e-commerce platforms bid for similar keywords.

While getting traffic is expensive, converting traffic to customers is difficult. For most small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses add-to-cart rate (visitors to actual sales ratio) is below 2%.

We are building tools to improve add-to-cart using AI, Personalisation, and Better Customer Experience and help our customers make their e-commerce business more profitable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our product helps in engaging with customers using chat, intelligent popups, Personalised suggestions and instant customer query resolution. Think it like store assistant at a offline store which is available 24x7 to make customer more comfortable with store by resolving their queries and helping them buying. Since our product is an AI, it also remembers their preference and recognise them when they visit again..

We don't restrict on no of agents. You can add any numbers.

We monitor customers we are interacting with and teach which of these interactions actually converted to sales. We display number of interactions, actual sales and revenue numbers on the homepage.

Shopping assistant is a premium feature that helps your customer in buying by understanding what they are looking for and recommends product. If the customer prefers, it continues to send them recommended products on WhatsApp/email.

Yes, please sign-up for a free account. Our onboarding team will give you access to a free 1-month trial. You can also mail us -

You can engage your customers as well as generate additional leads using our tools. Using our CRM, you can send them Whatsapp, SMS and email campaigns. You can also manage customer opt-ins on these platforms.