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What is Visitor Journey Orchestration ?

97% of customers who visit a D2C brand website leave within seconds, even when they have clicked and showed intent of buying.

Why is it so hard to get customer attention online? Because e-commerce lacks some key features of offline commerce:

  • Personalized Interactions: Offline salesperson can answer product queries, engage customers at the right time, suggest suitable options, and customize the shopping experience.
  • Social Proof: Customers can see how popular and trustworthy a store is by looking at the crowd and the type of shoppers.
  • No waiting: Customers do not have to wait for the store to load. According to Google, every second of delay reduces customer retention by 7%.

Visitor journey orchestration is technology that allows different parts of a website to communicate with the visitor according to what they are doing on the site. The aim is to establish trust and encourage the visitor to take the desired action, such as add-to-cart or share contact information.

How it works ?

Our plug-and-play technology controls and personalizes different elements of the user interface, such as banners, pop-ups, announcement bars, etc., to deliver the most persuasive message to the user at the right time, based on their stage in the sales funnel.

It analyzes visitors’ behavior and preferences in real-time using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, and guides them towards the best purchase decision with smart and personalized nudges.

It boosts trust and confidence by providing social proof, product information, and personalized recommendations. It has multi and mixed-language capabilities.

It also encourages the user to share their contact information during the verbal and non-verbal interactions, using incentives, gamification, and urgency techniques.

The cookieless tracking ensures that repeat visits are tracked and personalization done accurately even for anonymous visitors.

Beyond Chatbots, Popups and Banners

Chatbots are often passive and limited in their capabilities, and users are reluctant to engage with them. But what if the chatbot could proactively reach out to you at the right moment of your user journey and answer all your product questions in multiple languages, like a human salesperson?

Popups are usually disruptive and irritating, especially when they pop without a clue while you are browsing. But popups can also be a great way to communicate relevant information and collect user data when they are triggered when user anticipate them, such as user requesting a discount code.

Banners are frequently overlooked, unless they are customized and contextualized to the user’s needs and preferences, such as showing offers, recommendations, or testimonials. We are able to update banners in real-time based on users activity.

In short, our product interacts with every visitor on the website, the way they want it to be. It provides a premium experience to each visitor, since they are on the website because they have already shown interest in the product.

Optimising traffic to conversions

IntelliAssist understands traffic source and ad copy to personalizes the PDP so that the visitor has a consistent experience with the pitch shown before the click and the actual landing page.

The orchestration can be tuned in to behave based on the ad strategy. For example, if you are showing a discount ad, the orchestration will try to get the user's contact information and provide a personalized coupon code so that the user can be retargeted if dropped off down the funnel.

Another example is the social proof components can be aligned with the USP displayed in the ad copy. For example, if ad copy talks about comfort as a USP, the reviews, traction and product pitch will also focus on those aspects.

It can be integrated into any customer acquisition channel, such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, brand website, and independent landing pages.


IntelliAssist has truly been a game-changer for my business. It has not only made it incredibly easy for me to maintain consistent communication with my valued customers but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing our visitor-to-customer conversion rates.

Harshad Patel
Posh The Studio

IntelliAssist quietly impressive. The chatbot's like a 24/7 helper on my site, FB, Insta, even WhatsApp - covering all bases. And that GPT-powered product assist is Great.

Ashish Gautam

The Intelliassist team's support and responsiveness have been great support to our business. They understand our needs and implement new features promptly. Our sales previously relied heavily on online marketplaces, but thanks to them, the D2C sales have grown significantly. Our D2C sales have improved from 5% to 40% of overall sales.

Arpit Garg
Feliz Enterprises