Amaara Herbs CRO Audit

Amaara Herbs

Ayurvedic, traffic moderate, Not that Big product line


Google Ads: Not Running any Ads search or shopping, missing out on huge Google Pipeline(Marketplace products bidding, leading to major traffic going to marketplaces, reducing margins

Meta Ads: Ads are live in Feb Month(17 in Ad library)

Marketplaces: Bigbasket, Amazon(Ratings from 5-712, strangely 4 products had the same rating of 712, rest were under 30), Meolaa

Website Engagement: No Popups, No Top Bars,poor engagement for users, Not much of activity for the 97% Non Buying Visitors, have multiple pages opened for more than 5 mins, no pulling from them using a engaging How may I help you, no incentives, waiting after adding to my Cart no 10% discount yet, leaving the website now…

Instagram(7K): Tried Influencer marketing, but no engagement on paid posts, can show tagged posts and stories on Product Pages to increase Trust, overall need to carefully grab the influencer opportunity, it can be a success.

Instagram Comments: The influencer’s comment brand should reply, similar to other users' replies, no reply to comments, lower engagement higher CAC, can tag the product on the post and do personalized engagement like we do and initiate the chats

Instagram Chat: No reply in the first 5 mins, missing out on potential customers

Chat Option: Shopify Default chat, the worst kind of chat option a store can have, requires multiple info filling for users just to initiate chats, leads to a major drop in customer raising queries, and then difficult to convert them, Automated Chat Intelligence can be pitched

Lighthouse: Poor Performance, Page load takes time, which might be due to extra plugins, leading to higher bounce and drops before the website even loads.

Reviews: Judge Me, not many reviews, some products don't even have reviews, which leads to a lack of trust for first users. We can show a lot of reviews from Amazon and build trust.

Add To Cart to Checkout: Using paid service Zecpe for Checkout, normal experience for Checkout, needs to add more push for users(add to cart pitch, FOMO, incentives etc.) to increase add to carts

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