How HelpMeShop Boosted their conversion rate by 3x


HelpMeShop is one of the leading dropshipping platforms in India, offering a wide range of innovative and unique products that are not easily available on other marketplaces. However, these products also generate a lot of curiosity and questions from potential customers, who want to know more about their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Without a proper support system to address these queries, HelpMeShop was losing a lot of visitors who bounced off their product pages or spent very little time on them. Their conversion rate was a dismal 0.5%, and their marketing costs were eating into their profits.


That's when they decided to try IntelliAssist's product AI, a smart solution that engages visitors with personalized and relevant conversations on their product pages. The product AI uses our advanced engagement engine to encourage visitors to ask questions about the products and provide them with instant and accurate answers.

HelpMeShop also leveraged our popup feature to capture visitor information and offer them a coupon code in exchange. This enabled them to build a lead funnel and retarget their prospects with effective email campaigns.


The results were astounding. By using IntelliAssist's product AI, HelpMeShop was able to:

  • Reduce their bounce rate by 30%, which means they retained more visitors on their website
  • Increase their average session duration by 60%, which means they engaged their visitors longer and built more trust
  • Capture 5% of their daily traffic as leads, which means they expanded their customer base and created more opportunities for sales
  • Boost their conversion rate by 3x, which means they generated more revenue and profit from their existing traffic